Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Routes

In keeping with our inclusive values, we will offer a 25-mile route again this year.  This flat route follows one of the most popular paths in the Hillsboro area, to Kansas City and back, through Verboot.  Passing through some of the most beautiful farmland in the Forest Grove and North Plains area, you’ll get all the beautiful views on a shortened ride!

On each of the routes, you will pass through Willamette Valley wineries, glimpse breathtaking views of Mt. Hood & The Coast Range, and find yourself in unexpected places right outside city centers. The 45, 75, and 100-mile routes enjoy a rest stop at Montinore Vineyards where wine tastings are available.  Find something you like?  Purchase it on the spot, and we’ll deliver it back to the Finish Line for you.


100-Mile Route

Rest stops include:

  • A Private Farm
  • Montinore Estate Winery
  • Ewing Young Elementary School
  • Champoeg Park  (Lunch Stop)
  • Canby Ferry
  • Edy Ridge Elementary School

75-Mile Route

Rest stops include:

45-Mile Route

Rest stops include:

25-Mile Route

Rest stops include:

  • A Private Farm

Family Ride

Rest stops include:

  • Rest Stop: Hare field

Route Marking

The route is marked with with orange laminated signs with a large arrow on them.  Examples of the signage will be at the start line.  There are also cue sheets & maps that are available at the start line.  Along the route each turn is marked this way:

In Advance: The arrow signs will be posted along the route in advance of each turn (the more difficult a turn the more signs)
At the Turn: An arrow at the turn
After the Turn: An arrow following the turn indicating you are on the route.

Periodically and in between turns we put up arrows at road crossings and other intersections to give you the confidence that you are on the route.

Built by Laura Sue Design